Logos and branding, UI and UX, brochures and emails, and then some.

My name is Wes and I like designing stuff. Why not see what I'm all about, just keep scrolling!

Sketches first, always.

If I learned anything from my time back in college, it was that any good design comes from quick sketches that explore all the options. I sketch, a lot.

Block party.

Wireframing is such an important step in any design process. You can't paint a house if it doesn't have a foundation or walls first, so I always wireframe.

Less is more, always.

Finally, when it comes to UI, especially in today's app focused, purpose driven design style, I always strive to keep layouts clean and easy to understand.

So that's it.

Logos, UI, UX, oh my. Why not contact me and see if we can design something great?

wesmanley (at) gmail (dot) com

For more little design odds and ends of mine, check out my Dribbble page.

The tools I use.